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November 20, 2016

“Now you need to be patient. Give it at least another six months before you go cliff diving again.”

The release of adrenaline still thrummed through my blood after using cold fire to heal the young Greyclaw. Though only thirteen years old, he already stood nearly my height at six and a half feet tall.

The boy’s mother sat silently behind him as he stretched out the injured wing. My cold fire had sealed up the deep g...

November 20, 2016

Princess Morga held her arms straight out at her sides, the silken folds of her white gossamer gown billowing in the night breeze. Seven torches encircled the sacred pool, representing the seven bright stars shining over the human kingdoms of the West.

Her two most loyal handmaidens stood on either side of her. They pushed up the sleeves of her gown and massaged the perfume-scented oil down her arms to her hands an...

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